Monday, July 17, 2006

Barbara Millicent Roberts is a tad nervous these days

Did I ever tell you that I went to a Barbie convention once?

Hello? You still with me?

I know. I can see how people would think it's strange but if you can't spend your adult years overpaying for the toys that you abused and destroyed as a child, then really, how can you ever expect to be able to love?

These days, though, I fear for Barbie's future. While movie tie-ins are saving their other divisions, Mattel just might give up on original thinking and stick us with a Bratz clone. Because 4-year-olds need something to play with as they recite the lyrics to 'Promiscuous."

Happily, there is better news -- news that, in fact, has now given my life meaning and direction. Robert Best is a contestant on the new Project Runway. Yes, Barbie Collectibles designer Robert Best. Y'all! This is exactly what I hope Mattel can somehow be made to understand. Good things truly do come to those who honor Barbie.


Make the logo bigger said...

Divorced Barbie™

Lipo Barbie™


Sorry, line extensions. Couldn't help myself.

I then have to admit I went to a pseudo-Trek event with William Shatner, who basically did sonnets from Shakespeare, akin to this.

HighJive said...

Barbie really is suffering, and it’s somewhat sad to see. At the same time, she has been slow to adapt to the new societal realities. Bratz is popular because they’ve embraced (and symbolize) multicultural coolness. Barbie’s attempts to do so look like a White doll trying to be hip. At this point, she’s an old wannabe. Add this to makethelogobigger’s list: Wigger Barbie®

Make the logo bigger said...

True that.


snowflakebebe said...

LOL I love PR and Robert did well, I love the Bratz and Babs is eh.. oh well. I wish Robert much luck on the show :)
Bratz World

Irene Done said...

I'm a little scared right now. Hold me.

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