Monday, July 31, 2006

Southwestern Ohio: chic!

It's still shocking to realize that Procter & Gamble owns a fashion house. It must be shocking for them too because now they're shuttin' it down. Oh, they'll keep Escada and Anna Sui fragrances but the cash-burning dressmakers have been jettisoned. Too bad. So many French-designer-underarm-deodorant-cross-promotional ideas, lost forever. Oh well. Best now to concentrate on razors.


HighJive said...

The frightening truth is P&G owns so much more than the public realizes. Fashion is not a stretch, considering their stable of brands includes stuff like Cover Girl and Pantene, among other beauty-related fare.

They also hawk all the shit necessary to clean clothes, so they may as well offer fashion apparel too. Although most folks wouldn’t recommend washing your designer dresses in Cheer. Plus, you’d be hard-pressed to find a trendy soul in the company’s Cincinnati headquarters.

Irene Done said...

Last year, I seriously thought P&G would keep the Rochas label to explore some sort of relationship with their beauty brands. Maybe it was just too much of a money pit. But I'm going to stop being so hard on those kids in Cincy. Some of them find the small-town, mid-America location to be absolutely soul-crushing. As do their agencies.

Oh, the irony.