Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No one wanted this: the Weinsteins and Rupert Murdoch, in bed together

I won't tell you what I thought about Clerks 2 until we've all seen it and can talk about it together. But I will say I was just as entertained by the credits as I was by the movie itself. There's a reason for that: "The Weinstein Company is boasting about creating a unique partnership between Clerks 2 and MySpace whereby the first 10,000 people who linked a designated page to their friends list would be permanently added to the ending credits of the film." Nikki Finke does not approve!

But I think once she sees that Jersey Girl reference, she might change her mind.

ADDED: Kevin Smith -- who's all too happy to have a public feud these days -- asks Finke: "since when are the credits sacrosanct anyway?" And that's really the point here. If caterers, assistants and personal trainers can be included, why not 10,000 of your most devoted fans? It's fun! Lighten up!


SuzanH said...

I read about the credit thing on Kevin Smith's website. Pretty cool, I have to say.

I think I'll end up waiting for the DVD (damn it!) but I can't WAIT to talk to you about it.

Irene Done said...

There's something about Kevin Smith that's just so darn likeable, isn't there? I LOVE that he brings up Jersey Girl all the time just to make fun of himself.

SuzanH said...

I LOVE that he brings up Jersey Girl all the time just to make fun of himself.


It's like he actually gets that hey, I'm doing something most people would kill to do, and I get to make a big bag of money doing it, so why should I pretend that it's difficult and un-fun?

(It's also why I heart George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino. Well, also because George Clooney is so damn fine.)