Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Let us pause now to admire Johnny Depp's intellect

As you well know, James Lipton is the creepiest motherfucker presently on TV. Almost unwatchable. When his guest was Johnny Depp, the sheer number of awkward pauses and non sequiturs damn near shattered my satellite dish. But this exchange was interesting:

"JL: Are there any of your movies that you've never seen in a theater?

JD: There's quite a few.

JL: Or even in a screening room?

JD: There are some that I haven't seen a frame of. Yeah.

JL: Really?

JD: Yeah. And that's no disrespect to the filmmakers or the people involved, but once my job is done, once they say, you know, 'you're wrapped,' at that point it's really none of my business what they do with it, so I just prefer to walk away."

Such a shocking confession naturally prompted Lipton's alien-brain to immediately ask about Martin Landau. But wouldn't you, a normal person, have wanted to know why -- exactly -- Johnny Depp is so disinterested in the finished product? It's as if he doesn't always share everyone else's vision. As if he's shunning organization-wide goals and focusing instead on the only factors he can control. As if approaching it any other way would make him crazy(er).

Johnny Depp: he's just like us! Except for the sordid secret double life! Oh wait.


Make the logo bigger said...
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Make the logo bigger said...

I saw that one. (Think it was a repeat.) He’s not the only actor who says that about dailies. Some have said they don’t want to see the result because it might mess up how they prepare for the next scenes.

If you’re into film and such, check out every podcast of The Treatment with Elvis Mitchell. Hands down the best film interviewer I’ve heard with directors, actors and writers. The David Mamet interviews are really good.

Check it out here.

Irene Done said...

I'll check that out, thanks.

I just thought it was interesting that Depp never sees the final movie though. I can understand why. And I think that relates a lot to the creative role at an agency sometimes, especially when the creative work is not celebrated (or even Chilibrated). You tend to simply focus on the task at hand and not how it fits into agency goals. Which might be a vicious cycle. Or circle. Ya know?

To be fair though, I thought it was interesting that Depp is a multi-cell life form and that he lives on my planet.

HighJive said...

the sad part is james lipton undoubtedly watches every frame of every episode of the actor's studio at least one hundred times, marveling at himself as he asks pivot's 10 questions.

Make the logo bigger said...
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Make the logo bigger said...

Lipton might actually be a multi-celled critter from another realm.

As for the creatives who focus on the task at hand, I can definitely see that. I’ve noticed it happen a lot in studios where the follow-up on pitches or presenations is lacking.

The cry of “Hey, whatever happened to...?” can be heard as it lay dying in the hall, as soon as it leaves the bullpen, never to return.

My work here is done.