Thursday, July 13, 2006

Joe Buck and Tim McCarver will continue to ruin baseball for years to come

The ratings are in and Fox's all-star game earned "the top ratings in viewership, households and the adults 18-49 demographic." That's an audience increase of 15% over last year. Not too shabby.

Still, not everyone enjoyed the game. It is, after all, difficult to watch Tim McCarver's public battle with idiocy. But I blame myself. Or more precisely, my chosen profession. Because even though advertisers lined up for the event, no one ran a fun, standout spot. Yeah, Holiday Inn worked Joe Buck into their existing campaign and Steve Hall probably liked it but: a spot that lionizes the announcer? And not even a legendary, Harry Caray-like announcer? Joe Buck. That's we got? Sigh. Is there really no, you know, player worth creating a campaign around? None?

Bo Jackson, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.


HighJive said...

advertisers are probably hesitant to sign up players, fearing they'll inevitably be exposed as steroid abusers. less of a chance that announcers are taking steroids. most of them are only addicted to minoxidil and viagra.

Irene Done said...

Yeah, this post wasn't too well thought-out on my part, was it? The Bo Jackson reference by itself brings up the injury issue and, these days, you can't mention baseball without people thinking "steroids."

But c'mon: Joe Buck? It just kinda broke my baseball heart. Are Jeter and ARod really the only marketable players out there?

Make the logo bigger said...

Although, I smell a new promotion:

Pepsi’s “Find The MLB Player Steroid-Free Player Challenge!”

SuzanH said...

Can I just say I hate Joe Morgan?

Thank you for your time.

RETED said...

I really hate Joe Buck. Especially today when FOX announced they'll have the all star game/world series for like 7 more years-which means having to hear Buck and McCarver talk more.

...Joe Buck and Tim McCarver's annoyance is like Baseball's steroid situation: Nobody likes to admit it, but the proof is blatantly obvious.

Irene Done said...

That's it. Let it all out. Whether it's Joe Morgan, Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, or Pam Oliver -- I understand your anger. Oh, do I understand.