Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Marketing conundrum or simple karma?

Ron Perelman dumps Ellen Barkin for something younger and Revlon's new age-defying Vital Radiance tanks. Of all the reasons -- "'it was a very competitive environment in the marketplace'" (mean, nasty competition!); "'Our efforts to create awareness were not having the total impact that we had thought'" (mean, ineffectual ad agency!) -- no one states the obvious.

The Olay brand managers must be happily married.


AwfulAnnouncing said...

Hey Irene,

With about 2,000 people coming to the site from the Deadspin mention today you should post a comment and throw in a hypertext link for your site into your comments......finding it through the blogger profile is retarded. Thanks for the comments....keep em' up.

Then just sit back and watch the traffic come in.


P.S.- I put the comment down here hoping the wouldn't find it and chastise me if people started coming to your site.

Irene Done said...


Thanks! I missed out yesterday but Deadspin loves you so next time -- I'll be commenting and hypertext linking like a mad woman!

And I hope you come back to read this because I want you to know how much fun your live-blogs are. It's like a party. Only without all the awkward introductions and painful small talk.