Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dallas' happy clap-clap news

Sometimes, the Morning News business coverage reads like a mad-lib; you have to fill in details of your own choosing to make stories complete, interesting and useful. Let's try this Comerica relocation account: "The move will bring Dallas only 200 new jobs....Comerica did not commit to a location....The lion's share of Comerica's employment – about 7,300 staffers – will remain in Michigan." Those are interesting facts. Doesn't it all make you curious? What kind of corporate move leaves most employees behind? How many will move? Is it truly a downtown Dallas victory if the location is TBD? Go ahead: add your own theoretical answers because evidently no one at the newspaper can call Comerica to find out.

Well, at least it's original reporting. Thank goodness they don't leave local business news to a wire service! Oh wait.


Anonymous said...

Just what the hell is going on here in Michigan. Kmart, Phizer, Comerica.

Is anyone in charge (Governor?) figuring out why these companies are leaving?

Pretty soon there will be nowhere left to work. I'll either have to move away or try to find some data entry jobs that I can do from home. Someone said that the Detroit News was running an ad for an Internet employment site located at Maybe they'll have something if all the jobs aren't already taken.

This state sucks.

Irene Done said...

Well, reading Comerica's own press release -- -- makes it clear that only 200 employees will be transferred to Dallas. So it's not the sweeping relocation that our Morning News makes it out to be. Probably the reason the paper is getting out its pompoms and building human pyramids is that lately Dallas has been a loser city too. In fact, unlike Detroit, Dallas will not get a Super Bowl. The new football stadium is 25 miles outside of the city so that honor will go to Arlington.