Monday, March 05, 2007

Remember, this all started when Helo showed her that photo

From the obligatory recaplet: "So long, Starbuck. I really, really, really hope you turn out to be a Cylon."

I really, really, really don't.

Although I never do get what I ask for from the Battlestar Galactica writing staff, I hope that Kara Thrace simply cracked, finally and profoundly and for the best reasons any human could ask for. Beyond causing her fiance's death, beyond the first and second cylon imprisonment, beyond a confused yet spectacular sex life, beyond the abusive childhood which -- honestly -- seemed a little too Sybil for my tastes, she's a pilot who was literally defending the human race. That's a lot of shit. Wouldn't it get to you? Can't we just let her rest? Why should anyone want to undo her only achievement -- her military career -- with strange wishes that she's actually the enemy? No, I wish for no sci-fi resurrection.

Also, did Tighe really say that she'd be crushed "like a cheap soda can?" Do they have soda in space? And is it sometimes served in expensive cans that resist crushing? I'm curious.


Make the logo bigger said...

Well, if we're talking old-school soda cans made of WWII battleship iron, no show writer alive today can devise a way to destroy them.

Now, if we're talking today’s lightweight alumifoam, then well, simply breathing on them would do the trick. Of course, there's no air in space to breath, so there goes that theory.

That's long way to go for a theory, but it’s Monday and I got spare time.

As for the Demi-Patrick Ghost opening sequence, I expect we’ll being see more of Kara.

American Copywriter said...

I don't know what to make of it, Irene. I can't say I disagree with you, But you know, why spend so much time setting up a destiny if this was it? Her mother breaks her fingers just to prepare her for suicide (thank Gods it's not an ad). Does it make sense that Kara is "special" because she got crushed to death inside a gas giant? Ron seems a little too unconcerned in the podcast. You may be right, though...she did say "You're not Leoban." And he answered, "I never said I was." Still, I can't help but believe that Lawless saw her in the "in-between."

P.S. Does Tighe's flesh-colored patch bug anyone else?

Irene Done said...

The more I think about it, the more confused I get. If this is a decision to illustrate the cost of war by killing off a major character, then I want the show to commit to that. Her death may be abrupt and random -- a waste of a good storyline! -- but that, to me, seems appropriate. That's how people sometimes die in war. That's why I don't want her to return. Let's have the realism. Let's see the fight go on without the best pilot.

The way things happened though -- the show really didn't commit to anything. You can say she was heading toward suicide but that's not exactly right. She was fired on, wasn't she? Her hand was on the eject mechanism. The show left everything open. Starbuck and Lawless and Chip Six could right now be frollicking in a big cylon bathtub, ready to usher in an age of peace while taking the series in a whole new Cinemax-inspired direction.

And yeah, Tighe's eyepatch -- like his real-world soda reference -- is vaguely disturbing.

Irene Done said...

One more thing -- the only reason Kara was going crazy is because Helo showed her the photo of the eye of Jupiter. He was the one who implied there was a connection to her own art. He was the one who sent her to the oracle -- whose prediction turned out to be fracked.

How much more damage can this guy inflict? How does he live with himself? He's the most evil man ever!