Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday morning Battlestar rantings

I'm trying to go on--to do the job I was sent here to do--but without Starbuck, it's just too difficult. And even though everyone's arguing about who misses her more, I'd have to say the prize goes to Apollo. Jamie Bamber is so low-wattage, he really needs to be on screen with someone as quirky as Katee Sackhoff to seem interesting. Curious now that he's paired with a character whose brogue is only partially understandable and whose eyes are almost always concealed -- this might make Apollo seem expressive by sheer contrast. This week, though, I'm with Jacob: the writing is no longer great. Quick! Reveal the unknown cylon!

ADDED: The kids at BuddyTV feel differently: "the writing for this Battlestar Galactica is fantastic, it always is.... Romo is a fascinating presence and you feel his impact on the people who come in contact with him. His actions would be as effective on any high charged legal drama as they would on Battlestar Galactica.... It would be sad if they did not find a way to bring Romo back after his two-episode stint is complete." I remain unconvinced.


Make the logo bigger said...

I’ve had enough Adama tears thank you very much.

Irene Done said...

American Copywriter said last night's episode didn't hold his attention and this is exactly how I felt. Maybe nothing could have matched the tension of last week's show. And the new lawyer character is an odd, abrupt addition -- a manic attempt to be interesting. He knows Adama's grandpa, he steals, he owns a cat and sweet-talks cylon women, he's got an accent! It was a little over the top.

I say all this knowing that in only a few weeks, the season will be over, I will have nothing to complain about and I will be truly, truly sad.