Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mrs Rodriguez will not be visiting the multiplex this weekend

I didn't know that Robert Rodriguez dumped his wife for Rose McGowan. Seems like if a woman stands by you after Spy Kids I and II, she might deserve better. Other questions I have about the Grindhouse premiere: Was it scheduled for Monday so Tarantino wouldn't miss his favorite f'in show? Why can't actresses dress themselves? And could you ever in your life believe that stars might be "self-obsessed?"


suzanh said...

Are you kidding me? Did you see Spy Kids III? It was excerable.

Wow. i hate when guys do that. It really put me off Dave Barry. And I used to LOVE Dave Barry.

Stupid men.

And seriously? Rose McGowan? Skeeve.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Avellan will always have more class than any whore who screws her husband.

Robert and Rose were fucking each other while Elizabeth was pregnant with the couple's FIFTH child.

Make the logo bigger said...

Selma I could see, but RM looks like her whacky sister. Oh you know the type. The one who’s up for ‘anything?’