Thursday, March 01, 2007

Melinda Doolittle restores my faith in the Idol franchise, humanity

Did you see her last night? It gave me a Sarah Vaughan feeling. Serious. I'm ready to buy my Melinda Doolittle at the Meyerson tickets right this very minute.

And Antonella seemed like America's newest sharp-singing home-porno sweetheart until she took that shot at the judges. Now? The spell is broken.


Make the logo bigger said...

This is kind of my own little March Madness in reverse thing, where people only start watching the NCAA tourney around the semi-finals, but I stop watching Idol after the talent starts rising.

But that’s what rebels do.

Irene Done said...

There is much wisdom in what you say. But tell me -- what ever do you do with the extra 5 hours you gain each week by not watching?

Make the logo bigger said...

I donate it to the world wide internet. Oh sure, it’s not quite the same thing as buying something ( RED ) from Bono, but it’s close. It feels almost as good.