Monday, March 05, 2007

UFC success: the signs were all there

If the porn-star girlfriends aren't evidence enough, you can always check out the revenue from UFC 68: "Couture's likely to net him a seven-figure payday once the pay-per-view buys are tallied." And: "the event in Columbus drew the largest North American crowd in mixed martial arts history. A crowd of 19,049 broke the previous record of 18,265....UFC's showing at Nationwide Arena produced the largest gate in excess of $3 million in the building's six-year history, trumping the likes of music superstars Elton John, Billy Joel and the Rolling Stones."

For me, it officially hit the big time when UFC telecasts were advertised on the marquee at the Million Dollar -- as accurate a cultural gauge as you'll find in Dallas. Right Chuck? Chuck?

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