Sunday, March 25, 2007

Some of my best friends are cylons

Obviously important things are happening whenever we take time out for Bill Adama's morning shave but I just wasn't prepared for this. Five cylons. Starbuck and Tighe? And Chief! Also shocking: Mr Gaeta is a perjurer! It's a tragedy all around.

But are they truly cylons? Wouldn't Chief's kid be as important as Hera? If the fifth cylon is Starbuck, why does Laura Roslin suddenly see cylon dreams and sense power outages and enemy attacks before they happen? Finally is this proof that -- as I've long suspected -- no good ever comes from listening to Bob Dylan?


ADDED: Cinema Blend's recap: "Anyone who’s watched the season was in no way surprised that Gaeta would knowingly and willfully perjure himself." I completely disagree. Gaeta has always been motivated by idealism and honor. Remember he was the one who exposed the election fraud. So it's surprising he would lie. My problem with that scene -- because it turned the entire trial -- is that he needlessly lied. He knew Baltar signed the execution orders not because he witnessed it but because he later confronted Gauis with the list of names. Oh Mr Gaeta! The quintessential techno nerd! Did they need to make a liar out of such a thoroughly likeable character?

But I agree that this was the most moving line maybe of any episode so far: "My name is Saul Tighe. I am an officer in the Colonial Fleet. Whatever else I am, whatever else it means, that’s the man I want to be. And if I die today, that’s the man I’ll be."

MORE: Ron D. Moore -- who clearly hates me and wants me to be miserable -- confirms: "Yes they're cylons," and "Yes, Katee will be back with us for season four. We couldn't let her go."


Make the logo bigger said...
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Make the logo bigger said...

Objection! Your honor, the witness is making a speech.


Objection! Frack and all its derivatives are used way too much now.


Objection! Good does comes from listening to Bob Dylan.


Objection! I move for an immediate mistrial and shanking of Gauis.


Objection! Series almost jumped the shark with campy Richard Dreyfuss mashed potato Close Encounters convergence moment at the end.

Sust..., uh, over..., we’ll get back to ya.

goldie said...

Unbelievable ... if I can set up my planned multimedia extravaganza on my blog, my next post will have a cylon reference.

Is that Pedro Borbon senior or junior?

your pal,

Irene Done said...

MTLB -- Ha! In reading all the reviews for the finale, I quickly saw that "Frack" was the go-to word for lazy headline writers. Which just shows you they weren't paying attention. As everyone knows, this season BSG writers minimized "frack" and opted for the much more jolting "godsdammit." And a Close Encounters/mashed potatoes reference? Masterful!

Goldie -- Thanks for dropping by. I eagerly await the extravaganza.

It's Pedro Borbon Sr, the great Cincinnati relief pitcher who Pete Rose -- Pete Rose -- once described as "a wild man."

American Copywriter said...

I really didn't like the trial trilogy of episodes. Confusing. Unrealistic. Trying to hard.

Now, this Cylon twist...well...Moore keeps saying they are "fundamentally different" cylons. Like 78 times he said this. They'd have to be since Saul would have been "built" before the Cylons rebeled the "first time," right? And I'd guess that the fact that they are singing an Earth song is not for nothing. Neither is the fact that even (most of) the Cylons don't know who the final five are...well, I think we're set up for a victorious fourth (final?) season. Oooh the Chief went and made another half human/half Cylon baby. Jimminey Crickets.

Irene Done said...

Yes! Moore is emphatic about that isn't he? And it's Saul's realization that forces us to rework the whole timeline for "they evolved" and "they have a plan." I'm distraught. I just wasn't ready for this "we're all cylons now" turn of events. I want the human Saul back!

David said...

I don’t think that it was surprising that Lt. Gaeta lied. In a previous episode, Baltar asked him who the real traitor was. Was it Baltar (who acted at the end of the barrel of a gun) or Gaeta who continued to work in the administration even when he had a chance to leave (like Vice President Zarek)? The defense argued that Baltar preserved lives by surrendering and that the violations done on the people by the cylons were not done with his willing consent. By lying, Lt. Gaeta wants to show that Baltar did realize that he was ordering the execution of his own people and that he signed the order voluntarily. Like Mr. Adama had brought up on the stand, Felix was trying to wash away his own guilt (that he was a collaborator by some degree) by placing it with Baltar. It wasn’t a needless lie because it was necessary to bolster the prosecution’s contention that President Baltar was responsible for the acts committed against the New Capricans.

Irene Done said...

Excellent points and I can see now why the writers would go that direction. I can't remember but I don't think Gaeta was there when Baltar signed the order. So it can be argued that there was no way for the defense to prove Baltar was forced -- Baltar and Six could truthfully testify to it yet who'd believed them? And yes, Gaeta did stay with Baltar but he worked effectively for the Resistance. To me, the Gaeta-Baltar relationship seems less about crimes against humanity or even guilty consciences and more about a schoolgirl crush turned bad. Either way, though, the integrity of an appealing character is damaged and I think that makes this story a little harder to care about.