Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm not saying he's not smart

There's something inherently funny, isn't there, about the name Flavio. It's not that it's not English but just that men named Flavio tend to do things like this: "he plans to have as many as 20 outlets worldwide by 2009, each selling what he calls 'Italian Couture' items such as shirts with watches built into the cuffs and ties adorned with crystal buttons. Speaking in a Feb. 27 interview as stocks tumbled around the world, Briatore said his target audience of wealthy males is unlikely to be affected by a drop in asset values....'We are a very small niche,' Briatore said in the Knightsbridge, London, office of his designer, Angelo Galasso. 'If you have a niche, you are quite protected.'...Briatore, wearing a black top, blue jeans and ankle-length boots with a pink flame on the sole, said it makes more business sense to have men as Billionaire's target clientele. 'In the end, the person with the wallet is the man,' said Briatore, who used to date supermodel Heidi Klum."

I've seen Flavio's niche. It IS small. But everyone seems to want one just like it.


Moda di Magno said...


As to the first Flavio - who doesn't need an $18,000 "bespoke tailored suit with platinum thread"?

As to the Complex Platinum Store, um, really? How wildly lame! How boldly stupid! Even I, cynical gal, am stupendously amazed. And that is hard to do!

Irene Done said...

Ha! Myself, I loved the "person with the wallet is the man" part best. Delicious. It transformed a mildly amusing story into its own brilliant self-parody.