Monday, August 06, 2007

Culture according to Bravo

You have to wade through a lot of whiny reality show contestants but there are interesting little gems in this New York magazine article:

1. "[Bravo president Lauren Zalaznick] says that what crystallized Bravo’s programming philosophy for her wasn’t Project Runway so much as Bravo’s previous smash hit, Queer Eye. 'We had to define what pop culture meant on Bravo,' says Zalaznick. 'And what pop culture, as defined by us, has come to mean is five affinity groups: fashion, food, beauty, design, and pop. It’s not coincidental that the five guys in Queer Eye each represented one of those things.'" Interesting. Food would seem to be an enemy of fashion and beauty, wouldn't it? I assume she means creation and knowledge of food, whereas the other categories definitely relate to consumption. Also, when she defines pop culture as, in part, "pop," I wish she had been more specific.


2. Laura news! "Laura Bennett, the elegant matriarch from Season Three...bought back some of her work—her husband spent $13,000 on for seven items from her Bryant Park collection, under the handle 'Bad Daddy.'" Hilarious if you remember that cheater Keith called Laura a "bad mommy." And this: "When Laura, hugely popular with fans, failed to notify the network she’d signed a contract to host a style show on, they called and demanded an explanation. So she pointed out: 'What do you have to offer me?' (And now she’s in talks with Bravo about doing something for its Website and iVillage.)" Yay! As everyone knows, even more Laura is never enough Laura.


Make the logo bigger said...

I have not much to say other than...bad Laura.

Irene Done said...

But when she's bad, she's even better!