Sunday, August 19, 2007

Roles that have become formulaic and therefore valueless

They're like stock characters only they're all too real:

- the female sideline reporter whose only way to cover a sporting event is to ask about feelings

- the gay male stylist who's brought into freshen up E!'s post-red carpet show

- the ex-lawyer talk show host who's tough on crime

- the outrageously self-assured reality show contestant who'll say anything!

- the outrageously self-assured ex-political operative/Sunday talk show guest who'll say anything!

Can't we try harder?


Make the logo bigger said...

YES. Speaking in clich├ęs here, but she shoots, she scores.

Also, the former jock-turned-analyst who now points out the weaknesses other jocks-turned-analysts pointed out on them.

Irene Done said...

You can't possibly be talking about Michael Irvin can you?