Monday, August 27, 2007

State Fair food news!

Here it is! Phase Two! It seems Deep Fried Latte is the early star but watch out for Fried Cookie Dough: "It's chilled cookie dough that's battered and fried. He's going to make an 'everything' cookie dough with chocolate chips, coconut and pecans, but he might also offer oatmeal raisin and plain chocolate chip versions." Weeee!

And when the Fair opens, I can only hope Channel 11 once again sends out Tiani Jones to cover the midway. Last year, her report on concessions concluded with the advice that "after taking in all of this, you're going to need some Pepto-Bizmo." Seriously. That's how she said it. Just like that. Right here in the nation's fifth largest TV market.


Margie said...

LOVE the Texas state fair! Although I like to read about the interesting new fried things more than I like to actually eat them.

James-H said...

Holy shit, this deep fried cookie thing is good news. Maybe the best news I've heard since "The Fair is Coming."

Irene Done said...

I know! I'm like Margie -- I love the Fair too. I love the mania that surrounds the new food concessions each year but I usually stick to the classic Corny Dog. It's the best! Fried cookie dough, though, could be interesting.

If y'all are really into the Fair, there's a fun little documentary called A Fair To Remember. I think it shows sometimes on channel 13. Worth watching.