Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pretty hot out there huh?

I gotta go lie down for a minute.


Make the logo bigger said...

We leave Memphis and it goes to 109°.
Just sayin.

James-H said...

Notes from a hot weekend:

Playing golf on a red day = recipe for heat exhaustion.

"Hydrate" does not necessarily mean "drink 4 bud lights".

Irene Done said...

Isn't that one of life's little cruelties -- on a hot day, cold beer is the one thing you really want yet it's the one thing that will absolutely kick your ass.

It's a lesson Texans must re-learn everyday. Or is that just me?

James-H said...

Stupid Texans. And me. Switching over to gin and tonics to combat the mosquitos. It's drunken logic - trust me on this.

Irene Done said...

Sir, the British built an empire on such gin-soaked logic as yours. You are to be saluted.

Last week, a FrontBurner reader recommended the Windmill Lounge for its "fantastic" gin selection. This might be worth keeping in mind. There's sure to be another West Nile Virus outbreak any day now.