Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Why are so few of us left active, healthy and without personality disorders?"

It's always been difficult for me to read graphic novels and you, my NotBillable friend, can easily guess why. Yes! It's all those damn visuals -- pages and pages of them. They keep getting in the way of the text. I don't get it.

I kid of course.

Or do I? I think I do because like everyone else, I love Watchmen. And like everyone else, I squeal at the very thought of a movie adaptation directed by Zack Snyder. I know what you're thinking: Zack "abs happy" Snyder? Precisely. Here's a man who knows his audience: "This is not an exercise in marketing" -- dammit! no coins!-- "I’m interested in making a movie that’s not bullshit, that has balls."

Also Kelly Leak as Rorschach! Y'all!


Margie said...

It always makes me a bit nervous for a potentially good movie when the hype is huge before casting is complete ... especially one like Watchmen, which will definitely need some serious spitfire to be half as good as the graphic novel was at the time. More hype means more attention, and more attention means more "corporate chefs" in the soup ... which inevitably means less spitfire. I am still optimistic, but also I hope the world gets distracted by some other shiny pretty thing for a while so this has a chance!

Irene Done said...

Maybe Judd Apatow is the new shiny pretty thing? Maybe everyone will want to busy themselves with Superbad imitations and they'll leave Watchmen alone.

It's such a complex work that it's hard for me to imagine as a movie. Although LA Confidential was like that and I was so presently surprised by the movie, I actually liked it better. But I like Snyder's spirit -- I liked "300" -- so I'm keeping my fingers crossed too.