Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Grand Hotel that isn't the movie

My fingers are crossed: "A California investor is negotiating to purchase downtown Dallas' derelict Grand Hotel – originally the Statler-Hilton – and restore it into a first-class property." I drive by this building all the time and even in disrepair, it's stunning. "Built in 1956, the sprawling building was once considered the country's most modern luxury hotel. It was designed by noted New York architect William Tabler." How modern? There was music in the elevators, for God's sake!

If a new owner does restore the property, let's hope the re-opening will measure up to the original debut, an event so lavish it featured "A-list Hollywood entertainers, the Governor, a Who’s Who guest list and—among other far-fetched acts—the Hiltonettes chorus girls performing in mink chaps and headdresses representing the 'ingredients' of Dallas." Yes! Please make this happen! All of us Dallas girls have been waiting years for just the right setting to once again break out our mink chaps.

Bonus: The renovation could even include a "vacant library building next door...built in 1953 and designed by legendary Dallas architect George Dahl" -- that officially makes it Double Dahl Day here at NotBillable -- and the whole thing "faces a downtown block which is being cleared to make way for a new center city park." In downtown Dallas? Almost too good to hope for, isn't it?

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