Thursday, April 20, 2006

G4's body is changing

First, "Attack of the Show" was ruined when two of the three hosts ran off to get married. Now my favorite quirky channel is going all Maxim: G4 is moving "away from videogames into broader-based fare for guys," hiring hot girl show hosts and planning to relaunch "both 'Filter' and 'Attack of the Show'... with a scaled-back focus on technology. Heavier emphasis will be on attitude, humor and a broader range of male-oriented topics."

Meanwhile, I cry bitter tears.

Do we need another Spike TV? If the young male demo is so valuable, why imitate a competitor who's only partly successful at attracting it? And can Beth Otrosky's rack really be considered an original programming idea? Honestly, what made G4 so unique is its tech-dork-smart-ass persona. Who else would show me how to hack my own phone?

Oh my little G4 friends, you've been hanging around those media people haven't you? And now I'm stuck here in the basement all by myself. Life is so not fair.

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