Thursday, April 06, 2006

Questions for the 7 people who watch OLN

If Larry Merchant works for HBO and Bert Sugar's with ESPN, what crazy, incoherent old guy will OLN hire if they too start airing fights? And can OLN bring to boxing the same famous formula for success they brought to hockey coverage? Exciting!

I just hope this doesn't affect the 40 weekly hours of Survivor reruns!


SuzanH said...

Evidently we are one of the 7 people who watch OLN (stupid hockey strike).

I've often wondered the rationale behind these decisions. Evidently, just stupidity. Perhaps I can practice my loudmouth idiocy and get a job doing "color" commentary.

Irene Done said...

We should really try to meet the 5 other people who are watching this channel. Have t-shirts printed up or something.

And I look forward to boxing on OLN -- what that sport needs is more exposure so every last person in America can appreciate its unique blend of WWE credibility with gangsta gentility. Bill Clement can host!