Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Maybe it's the lingering effects of Austin

Following in the honored footsteps of great UT athletes who always seem to zig when they should zag, Vince Young has signed up to endorse a debit card just when everyone else starts talking about financial responsibility.

But because we, as a state, owe Vince Young eternal gratitude, we wish him well. It's the NetSpend owners who might need to be tested. "Bertrand Sosa, who co-founded NetSpend with his brother, Roy, in 1999, said that he had been scouting Young long before completing the deal with Young and his agent, Major Adams. Sosa, who estimated that he had seen 85 percent of Young's home games, said by telephone, 'Having gone to U.T., I watched Vince's first game...'" and apparently wanted to sniff his jock ever since.

The Sosas are paying Young $10 million -- from a company that's "privately held and has estimated revenue of $75 million to $125 million." The fun thing is, no one can say how this will turn out. Is it smart? Is there any money left over for a good agency? Or a decent production budget? And will any of it matter if no team drafts Young this weekend?

I only feel bad that Vince Young couldn't get a high-profile deal. You know, like the high school kids have. But I remain hopeful. Maybe someday soon, the greatest Longhorn quarterback will be the most trusted celebrity spokesperson. Oh Nelly!

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suzanh said...

and apparently wanted to sniff his jock ever since.

You. Are. A. Genius.