Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The wide world of retailing news

Did you hear that WalMart is going upscale? No. Really. WalMart is going upscale! And all this is, evidently, only the latest phase in a large, orchestrated plan for WalMart to go upscale.


Rikki said...

Hello fellow lady ad-person :)
I like your blog, full of useless/ful info :)

Irene Done said...

Thanks. I try to be helpless/ful.

Puce Attack is hilarious. And that's not empty, insincere ad-speak!

darkcoffee said...

I went shopping at the new Plano "upscale" Wal-mart the other day. Hilarious. It's a Wal-mart full of tan and skinny people (with some, ahem, obvious exceptions), but the aisles are WIDER. Like Alanis Morrisette so poignantly puts it: isn't it ironic?

Irene Done said...

Now that's odd. A Plano-living friend of mine went to that WalMart and made the exact same observation: wider aisles. And yes, it is ironic. Or an optical illusion.

Also, she was delighted by the beer and wine selection. She IS my friend for a reason.