Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pay attention

In an article that I intended to finish but then got distracted from, WSJ looks at an NBC ad experiment:

"In a five-night test that began Monday, one program airing on the company's USA cable channel will feature one commercial break that runs just one minute, considerably shorter than the others, which run about two to four minutes. Only two 30-second ads will air in the shorter break....NBC Universal, which is working with Publicis Groupe media-buying firm Starcom on the test, wants to see whether viewers pay more attention to ads they watch in a less-cluttered environment."

Let's hope this fails. After all, if there's no clutter, there will be no controversial campaigns designed to "break through the clutter" -- and then how will ad execs ever hope to sell bad work? More distressing, where will chesty girls find jobs?

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