Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mr Cameron's heart will go on

In a dramatic "call to arms," director James Cameron addressed a Digital Cinema Summit in Las Vegas last week and at long last revealed exactly what movie-lovers truly want:

"'Digital 3-D is a revolutionary form of showmanship...It can get people off their butts and away from their portable devices and get people back in the theaters where they belong.'"

As someone who is currently sitting on my butt and typing at a portable device, I'd like to thank Mr. Cameron for setting me straight about where I, in fact, belong. Also, I was unaware that I was yearning for 3-D technology. So again: thanks for clearing things up. That whole notion about the value of character development and story line was so utterly misguided.

Still, I worry that most movie-lovers might never read Mr. Cameron's words. They might continue on in their ignorance, not properly excited about cinematic technology and unaware of the distinct cultural value of a King Kong franchise. Most of all, I worry that the artistic vision of Mr. Cameron -- a man undeniably in touch with the masses and so very, very forward-looking -- will be lost forever. He might just mean it when he says, "'I'm not going to make movies for people to watch on their cell phones.'"

And then we'll be sorry!

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