Saturday, April 01, 2006

Let's be clear about Ms. Weber's sex life

If you want to be a smart-ass blogger and crack on the whole WPP-Benatti scandal, just remember: apparently Daniela Weber had an extramarital affair with Martin Sorrell but not with Marco Benatti. I mean, girl's not a slut! Suggesting otherwise is simply inviting this report to appear in your blogger comments:

"The chief operating officer of WPP's Italian arm is suing the Sunday Times over allegations she had a relationship with Marco Benatti, the former WPP country manager dismissed for alleged financial irregularities in January.
Daniela Weber, who runs WPP Italian business, is taking libel action against the paper....On Sunday, the paper ran a printed apology...."

This part's interesting too: "following a ruling handed down last year....people - including those in the public eye - were entitled to 'significant protection of privacy' including relationships with other people and regardless of the validity of the nature of the information published."

Regardless of validity, huh? Tsk, tsk, Ms. Weber.

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