Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Apparently 30-something women do not read

I'm happy that boomer women have More magazine. And it makes me laugh when the publisher says things like, "'the mistake marketers are making [is] assuming that 25-year-old girls are going to spend $12,000 on a watch or spend money on an expensive outfit. Those people have absolutely no money.'" That's genuinely funny. But I just wish there was something to bridge the Cosmo-I-just-discovered-sex years and the reading-about-retirement-funds stage. Or is that what Ladies Home Journal is supposed to be?

If so, I'm in big trouble.


SuzanH said...

O.k., with your marketing savvy and my (sad little) writing skills, we so need to get on that women's mag bandwagon. I'm picturing snarky interviews, actual clothes that people would want to wear, essays by celebs we WANT to hear from (I'm looking at you, actually, I'm not looking at anybody, but we can work around that), and, of course, the horoscope page.

What do you think?

American Copywriter said...

I'm happy to be the magazine's gofer boy.

Irene Done said...

Let's do it. We got a writer. We got an office boy. What more is there? Anything? Oh yeah...venture capital.