Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Open your blue books and begin

Compare and contrast. Five paragraphs. While Target travels to Manhattan -- an isle where they have no stores and no immediate plans for stores -- to stage acrobatic runway shows and single-advertiser magazine issues, New Yorkers can't be talked into a Wal-Mart. The folks in Bentonville are trying. Hard. "Wal-Mart has sought to bolster its cause with clever advertisements, like a full-page one that ran in The Staten Island Advance. The ad read: 'On Staten Island, you can start the Marathon, take a ride on the Ferry, spend a day at Historic Richmond Town, and do just about anything. The only thing missing is every day low prices.'" New Yorkers' reaction? "'We need this Wal-Mart like a hole in the head.'"


SuzanH said...

Yeah! Go New Yorkers!

Irene Done said...

You know I'm Wal-Mart neutral. However I'm now inclined to think they shouldn't get their Staten Island store just for inflicting such a heinous ad upon the good people of New York. I'm sure at one point, that headline was less clumsy, and less self-congratulatory but they just couldn't help themselves, could they? Must. Cram. In. Themeline.

Oh, the humanity!