Wednesday, August 03, 2005

TV's newest new newsy news show

There are the concerned few who really want to help but for others, it's simply too much fun to criticize new Current. It's not the concept so much. No, what seems to irritate everyone most about Current is that it's trying "way too hard to be 'down' with the kids." Interesting. Of all people, Current staffers should have known that cool is out.

I hope Current evolves into something interesting, fun and totally exploitable for advertising purposes. It's got potential. But so far, I think I've seen the format before. It was called Hot Dog.

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Barb'ra B. Dunnem said...

It's also very repetitive--I think I've seen the same segment on the female Baptist minister five times already, and I only tune in to the channel occasionally. It was interesting the first three times, but then...

Still, I wish it well and hope it can find a voice of its own. Television needs that.