Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Back to shopping

USAToday tells us back-to-school spending is expected to be down from last year but really can't explain why. Parents will "spend significantly less on electronics" but new school dress codes will dictate more purchases of "modest apparel."

Could it be that the idea of back-to-school shopping makes less sense when classes start in the middle of August heatwaves or even continue year-round? Anchor Blue president Tom Bush -- a man who can chant his brand mantra but struggles with definite answers -- describes back-to-school as "a period of time leading into September (and even continues once the kids see who wears what to school) and it does happen earlier and earlier. And there is the 12-month-a-year school." And what happens to back-to-school purchasing when big districts like Dallas adopt school uniforms?

Oh, I know. I shouldn't worry so much. After all, retailers can still count on the kids in Plano.


SuzanH said...

What a bunch of . . . I hate Plano. I hate those types of kids. I hate those types of adults.

Irene Done said...

What I found really curious was the way those parents talked about all the stuff they had bought for their kids; they framed every sentence as though they were complaining but they were in fact boasting. Clearly they see their kids and their kids' possessions as status symbols. Other wealthy suburbs have Trophy Wives. Leave it to Plano to give us the Trophy Kid.