Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The brand, like Hugh, isn't looking good these days

It is perhaps fitting that a writer named Bambi would report on Playboy's new online magazine. Give her credit though. She gets right to the problem. Or in this case, problems. Magazines and porn just ain't what they used to be. When Playboy debuted, we were an offline world and porn had to be softened to be made acceptable but now, "on the Web, there is no such thing as civilized sex." So can Playboy save at least their brand? Is it enough to update the bunny costume and re-introduce nightclubs? Has Maxim's clubs already outpaced them? And finally, should we care? Alas, Bambi cannot tell us.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot disagree more with your comment on the World's most recognizable men's brand. The expansion of the empire into gaming, online distribution, and cable television demonstrate this company's strength. And your classification of Playboy magazine as porn is so inaccurate, it makes me question your command of the word.