Tuesday, June 27, 2006


For that alone, heads should have rolled at Kraft. Now other issues -- revenue, competition, blah blah blah -- have sped things up so PepsiCo's Irene Rosenfeld will be taking over.

I believe you're familiar with Ms. Rosenfeld's work. Baked Cheetohs. Zero trans fats. Two short years but so many, many press releases. Out in Plano, they must find a way to bravely carry on.


Make the logo bigger said...

I'm not familar with it, but as they say at DQ, I hear a big ‘chillibration’ is in the works.

HighJive said...

The saddest part is that the product is probably just the floor sweepings from the cheese room — or wherever Kraft manufacturers its stuff. Look for a pool-out spot to include the late Nat King Cole singing “Crumbforgettable.”

Irene Done said...

OMG, what a coincidence! I was just about to invite y'all over for a July 4th chillibration! I'm serving nothing but Crumbles, McCormick Finishing Sauces and KFC Famous Bowls. It might get hot outside -- this IS Dallas -- but no worries. We'll be gellin'.