Friday, June 02, 2006

They are called "bowls" aren't they?

The new KFC bowls are inspiring rather violent reactions. Really violent reactions. And while some take this as a sign that we need more activism or government oversight -- because they know what's best for people who make less than they do! -- I'm only astounded that everyone is missing the obvious target audience here. After all, a franchise-based operation like KFC doesn't just trot out new products and hope for the best. No, my skinny little friends. Actual people in actual focus groups and actual test markets had to lap this stuff up. Somebody's excited about it.

Never forget: stoners have needs too.


HighJive said...

with kfc famous bowls, the ultimate violent reaction happens at your toilet bowl.

sorry, the line was too obvious to pass up.

SuzanH said...

I can't fathom anyone eating that. I get queasy at the commercials and I love chicken. Well. Actual chicken.

Smivey said...

Ha. Good point with the stoners.

Irene Done said...

No one ever expects the stoners!