Tuesday, June 13, 2006

MySpace and your movie

Aside from all those exposes written to scare the crap out of parents, are there any good articles about MySpace? Yes, yes there are. Especially if you want to learn how it's being used to sell movies:

"'We work with studios coming to the site to help them build their brands and establish a presence in the market. They have a limited period of time to do it. The media dollars come and go. But the site and fans stay through the DVD release and sequels. That's a huge prequalified audience. We help them to create a platform that serves as an extension of their overall strategy, to create a message. All the content is integrated into an interactive profile. The studios are pushing the envelope creatively with us.'"

Best of all: every dollar spent on MySpace marketing means, apparently, one less freebie perk for Tom Cruise.

Made my day.

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