Thursday, June 15, 2006

Living the God Complex cliche

*You just aren't smart enough, OK? It may be your body and your suffering but there is no way you -- a mere patient -- can know what you want. So stop asking questions. And stop syphoning off the marketing dollars that should instead be spent on cruises for us.*

There. I thought I'd save everyone valuable time and simply re-cap this AMA announcement for you. Because while the AMA pleads for a moratorium on drug ads aimed at consumers, what they're really admitting is that doctors can't or won't educate themselves about new drugs and don't want to be exposed as ignorant when you come in to ask questions. I'm not being harsh. The AMA president-elect says so: "'Physicians will have the opportunity to become better educated on the pros and cons of prescription drug uses before prescribing them, and will be better able to determine when they are best suited for their patients' medical needs.'"

But ask yourself: how do physicians become educated about new drugs and treatments? Yeah, that's how. They don't want to stop the marketing of prescription drugs. They just don't want you in on the action.

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