Thursday, June 08, 2006

Stan is too old to put up with your bullshit

Oh, those creative differences: "Less than a month after winning the business in a review, independent The Richards Group and 21st Century Insurance are parting ways....The consulting company that led the process, Select Resources International of Santa Monica, Calif., characterized the client as 'difficult' in the request for information materials sent to shops....Agency relationships with 21st Century have been short-lived recently."

But like those women who become romantic penpals with death-row inmates, there's an agency out there somewhere who'll take the account. Good luck!


HighJive said...

21st century insurance probably operates in a very 20th century style.

Irene Done said...

Ha! Since it all happend in like less than a month, I'm wondering if "creative differences" really means "compensation differences." After all, Stan Richards has jets to pay for!