Thursday, June 29, 2006

Stan Richards is 74 freaking years old and still in this business

Does it surprise anyone else that Stan Richards is buying Rives Carlberg? This isn't usually how he does things, is it? And why does a Dallas agency, that just happens to have an international reputation, need a 38-person shop to gain "a significant presence in Houston?"

One thing's clear though. In the real world, everyone's still unable to explain what advertising people do. Here he is, Stan Richards -- the man who started the country's largest independent agency, a man who's been honored by the AIGA, WSJ and Inc Magazine, a man whose creative vision still guides us, a man whose turtlenecks will always be far more expensive than your turtlenecks -- and this is how his hometown Dallas Business Journal explains him to their readers: "Stan Richards of The Richards Group -- the mastermind behind the popular Chick-fil-A ads."

Life's work, summed up nicely.

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