Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It hurts when I do this

Not to dog-pile because I'd hate to be that mean -- really! -- but tell me again why consumers can't be trusted to judge pharmaceutical marketing messages but doctors can:

"Around the country, doctors in private practice have set up tax-exempt charities into which drug companies and medical device makers are, with little fanfare, pouring donations — money that adds up to millions of dollars a year....the tax-exempt organizations represent what some other doctors, as well as regulators and industry consultants, say is a growing conduit for industry money. The payments, they say, can bias the treatment decisions of physicians, may lead to suspect research findings and at times may even risk running afoul of anti-kickback laws."

I'm waiting for the AMA to call for a moratorium on all this. Waiting. Still waiting.


Make the logo bigger said...

Pharmaseutra advertising - nothing but an orgy of medaphors.

Irene Done said...

Glad to see you've taken a position. Oh wait.