Friday, June 09, 2006

Meet me at the Zodiac Room to celebrate!

I know you were worried but it turns out that we can all just relax: Neiman-Marcus sales are still strong! "Irving-based Neiman Marcus Direct, the company's online and catalog operation, had a 16.5 percent sales increase in the quarter on top of a 17 percent increase last year." Not too shabby.

And here's something: "The company's Bergdorf Goodman site has had surprising reach, Mr. Tansky said. 'We've had orders from all 50 states, which shows us what a powerful brand it is.' The Manhattan store's site was launched 18 months ago, he said, and at the time, 'we assumed all the business would be from the three-state New York area.' But about 67 percent of the site's sales are from outside that region." Hmm. How did that happen?

Quick! Someone write a chick lit book about Pier 1. It's the only way, I tell ya!

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