Friday, April 18, 2008

I want to make a joke about emotional scars

If you're a mom and you're about to get cosmetic surgery, there's now a book for you and your children: My Beautiful Mommy -- a touching story that follows the journey of "a girl as she accompanies her mom on a cosmetic surgery consultation. Mom then explains she'll soon be 'prettier,' and shows where the bandages will be, and the finished product!" The book "was developed by a surgeon who wanted to help children 'feel excited rather than scared' when their mommy goes under the knife."

[Blinking. Sputtering. Harsh cussing.]

Here we are, worried that food ads make kids fat, toy ads foster materialism and Barbie images render girls insecure and now there's a for-sale book that helps parents teach children that elective surgery = beauty and fitness. I'm flummoxed. Quick. Someone sing a Crosby Stills Nash song.

One more thing: the doctor-author portrays Mommy's surgeon as "a musclebound superhero type."


Zelda Rose said...

I'm not sure if I am disgusted or mad. Maybe both.

Heck, let's do a book that encourages both mommy and daughter to get plastic surgery together! Two for one special!


Suniverse said...

I'm going to pretend that this is a joke because otherwise I won't be able to stop screaming.

What is wrong with people? Seriously? What? I don't know what people are thinking.

Make the logo bigger said...

I’d rather see a book that helped explain to daughters why mommies blog so much instead of finding time to spend with them.

Irene Done said...

I am halfway through the My Blogging Mommy manuscript right now!

Zelda Rose's two-for-one special joke is exactly what I thought the real point of the book was -- to begin attracting a whole new generation of patients. It's never too early. I guess.

Make the logo bigger said...

Sadly, I think that mommy blogging storyline might just be something already in development at WE.

James-H said...

"Mommy's generating revenue, honey. Go get yourself a diet Go-gurt and flip through Mommy's copy of Shape."