Sunday, April 06, 2008

NASCAR's here and I've had a beer buzz since Thursday

NASCAR promotions are fun. C'mon. How could you not want to put your face on a car? "Ron Bernheim shouldn't be surprised if he gets recognized on the street after this weekend. There's a picture of the NASCAR fan's face on the hood of Kasey Kahne's No. 9 Hellmann's car....The financial planner won Hellmann's 'Your Face in the Race' contest by filling out a form online." Sure, it's not the instant, no-strings-attached payoff of free curly fries for all Americans. Still it's kinda hilarious. Isn't it? Although Hellmann's was probably hoping the winner would be a woman, preferably a mom.

And: "next month, a fan will get to pop the question on the back of Carl Edwards' No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion....It's part of a promotion with the office supply retailer and romance publisher Harlequin Enterprises Ltd." I'm not sure how office supplies and romance novels are related but I think I'll take Harlequin's word for it that this is "a Harlequin NASCAR fan fairytale come true." It's also funny!


Make the logo bigger said...

I’d pay extra if they had a rig on the trunk so they could propose live while pulling 2Gs heading into turn 3.

Irene Done said...

Now see? That's just brilliant. Of course, there'd be an on-board camera to catch all the excitement.