Saturday, April 12, 2008

The way it should be

The world's a better place today because a Texan is the new Miss USA: "Crystle Stewart, of Missouri City, Texas, runs a party-planning and motivational speaking company, as well as modeling professionally. She says she wants to dedicate her life to international philanthropy."

Miss Ohio was named Miss Congeniality which is about right.


Suniverse said...

G was lolling on the couch, wondering what to do, and wondering if Unwrapped was going to be on the Food Network. I told her to check the t.v. guide channel, and a few minutes later, she said, "Hey, we could watch the Miss USA pageant."

I stopped doing the dishes, wondering how to start this conversation, and said, "Really? You want to?"

G said, "Uh, no way."

Whew. Because even though I'm sure Miss Texas is wonderful, I wasn't looking forward to either the objectification conversation or the keeping my mouth shut thing.

Irene Done said...

That's interesting because when I posted this I wondered if anyone except relatives of the contestants had watched the show. Pageants overall are on the decline, right? I mean, I think there's a cottage industry of pageant contestants/consultants/dress designers but it doesn't register much with mainstream audiences. And I was about to conclude that this was a sign of progress.


Now we have Keeping Up With the Kardashians, MTV Awards, Girls Next Door and The Bachelor and I'm not sure. You may have to have that objectification conversation anyway.