Thursday, April 17, 2008

The other Battlestar Galactica question

Did Mary McDonnell get some work done?

I mean President Roslin's brow, which should be furrowed since she is after all fighting both cylons and cancer, is suddenly as smooth as glass. Something's going on. It's distracting.

So this Mary McNamara column is awfully timely: "cosmetic surgery, well, it seems to have gotten out of hand. For a critic, this poses a dilemma -- while it is appropriate, indeed, necessary to point out technical things like disruptive camera work or shoddy set design, what exactly are you supposed to say about an older actor's strange shininess, newly bee-stung lips or eyes that seem to have changed shape and placement?"

It's a difficult topic "But television is a visual art, and if people are going to significantly alter the way they look in ways not directly connected with the roles they are playing, it can affect not only their performance but the whole tone of the show." Yes. This is hardly a time for Roslin to look smiley and well-rested.


American Copywriter said...

She got butchered. It's really quite disturbing. The close up of her and Starbuck with the gun? Seriously yikes. Worse it was just so unneeded. Mary, Mary, Mary.

Irene Done said...

"it was just so unneeded" -- YES! Mary McDonnell was, as all the fan forum boys like to say, hawt.

And the scene with Starbuck seemed to reveal every bad new detail.

Zelda Rose said...

It wasn't just me, then? I thought it might be the makeup they were using to make her look ill (due to the return of her character's cancer). But no, she's been hacked.

Which disappoints me to no end. Mary was a good looking woman. Now she looks like a mess.

So say we all.