Sunday, April 06, 2008

Worse than chick flicks?

Movies made especially for aging baby boomers: "'You're seeing more focus on more modestly budgeted films for mature audiences,' said [Overture Films CEO Chris] McGurk, whose studio is releasing 'The Visitor' this Friday in New York and Los Angeles, a movie about a bored sixty-something academic who finds his soul through an encounter with three foreigners. 'It's about the "aging boomer fantasy," one last chance at love or doing something important.'"

I don't know. Even though studio executives talk of films that show "'how old age can be a time of joy, usefulness and community,'" I feel like there's a certain condescension, stereotyping and bleakness to the themes they latch onto: "as 'The Bucket List' proved, impending death is also fair game." Oh good. I can't wait to pay $8 to see more impending death.

Also, what's our definition of "old age" these days?

Looking on the bright side, though, I hope there's some way all of this will inspire the makers of Spider-Man movies. Rosemary Harris was way too under-utilized in Spider-Man 3 and if there's going to be a 4th installment, I want more Aunt May.

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