Saturday, April 19, 2008


Cally! Nooooooo!

I loved that character. She was whiny and slouchy but her will to survive was second only to President Roslin's. I mean, when she wrench-whipped Chief Tyrol? Scary, sad and awesome.

And is Tory evil because she's a cylon or because she had sex with Gaius?

This is all so depressing.


American Copywriter said...

I find it all disconcerting and, tbt, out-and-out depressing. God, I hope they wrap this up right. Nice makeup by the by. We should all hope to look that good in the vacuum of space.

Zelda Rose said...

I still find it all weird and the whole episode was like that. Having sex with Gaius just demonstrates bad judgement, it doesn't make you evil.