Friday, April 11, 2008

Is he taking full responsibility for blaming someone else?

Dallas Morning News on the 3000 cancelled American flights: "American Airlines chairman and chief executive officer Gerard Arpey said Thursday that he is taking 'personal responsibility'....'I run the company,' Mr. Arpey told reporters at an afternoon news conference, 'so if there's any blame to be had, it is my fault, and I take full responsibility for this.'"

Sounds so noble. So "buck stops here" ballsy. But at the same time "one of Mr. Arpey's chief lieutenants" sorta kinda subtly faults the FAA because "these audits are obviously not something that was anticipated a month ago." And two US senators helpfully chime in with their own questions about the FAA.

At this point it would be so totally cynical to note that Senator Hutchison's state is home to American Airlines and Southwest Airlines. It would be cruel to point out that in the past, "taking responsibility" meant resigning. And it's just too nit-picky to question Arpey's choice of words when he says "if there's any blame to be had." Arpey's being brave! Isn't it refreshing? Please applaud the brave executive! And please save all your questions and complaints for the FAA.

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