Friday, January 07, 2005

Ass clowns and advertising

Fox rejects a Super Bowl spot that shows Mickey Rooney's bare bottom. On behalf of a relieved nation, thank you Fox.

The angle here is "look at the censorship Janet has wrought." But I think the more interesting issue is whether or not the TV spot in question had anything more going for it than an old guy's naked ass. It did not, as evidenced by the reaction of the advertiser who has sent a letter to the FCC urging them to order Fox to air the spot. (Now THAT'S laughable.) Clearly the spot must be built around the ass shot and without it, it's a forgettable 15 seconds. That should be the advertiser's first clue that he has been ill-served by his agency. But then again maybe they're just enablers. He was actually planning "to pay $1.2 million, 10% of the Carmel, Calif.-based company's annual ad budget."

One tenth of a year's ad budget spent in 15 seconds. Hmmm. I don't wanna ever go into business with THAT guy.

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