Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Did someone say research?

Today Patrick Ruffini links to this Mort Kondracke piece about new GOP grassroot efforts -- particularly the challenge of building party activism around the complicated issues of social security and tax reform. If you think getting people excited about a candidate is tough, imagine trying to whip up frenzy for economic policies. But I wouldn't count the Republicans out. They know how to reach new voters and they know what motivates these people. How? Research. The Republicans have used the last three years compiling consumer demographic and psychographic research. Kondracke tells us they're still mining that data:

"Under Mehlman, the Republican National Committee likely will not use its precious hard dollars to run TV ads on behalf of Bush's Social Security plan or judicial nominations....The RNC will provide 'research, rapid response, grassroots organization, surrogates - all the things you saw on the campaign' for key agenda items, especially Social Security, judicial appointments and tax reform."

Yes sir, there's a reason research is at the top of Mehlman's list -- it's still paying dividends.

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