Friday, January 07, 2005

A pay day for Mapes?

After CBS releases its report, what will happen to any employees who do lose their jobs? The focus has of course been on Mary Mapes, the Dallas-based producer who had been working on the story for years. Back when the documents were first exposed as fakes, Ellisblog had a lot of advice for Mapes, mainly of the "get a good lawyer" type. So the question is: if the CBS report pinpoints Mapes as the big, solitary scapegoat, is it really a sign that she took a huge cash settlement to move on and shut up? We'll see when and if Mapes pens any tell-all exposes.

UPDATE: First, Jonathan V. Last, who sometimes makes us sad by using his blog to, um, bash bloggers, also wonders about non-disclosure agreements for fired CBS employees. And the blog formerly known as The Kerry Spot now speculates that the CBS report is not coming out today. Sigh.

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